people are still liking my butt practice picture

how are they finding these things? I posted it over a year ago @.@

testing my fabric folds art skills @.@

krox1 sent:

THANK YOU!!!! <333

the gingerest of ginger cats that is totally Roy yep

Somali cat


Commissions are open!

All commissions will be digital.

All transactions will be done through PayPal

  • Additional characters +%50 of the original price (Max 3)
  • Currently only offering simple abstract backgrounds for $1.00 (Only on Flat Color and Cell Shading requests)
  • Anything added that isn’t specified, please ask and we’ll work it out.


  • Currently fandoms I will not draw from: MLP (If you’re unsure about whether I will draw something, please send an ask or pm)

Content(please send an ask or pm if you are unsure your request fits into the categories below):

  • Currently will not draw: Gore, NSFW, Certain Fetishes (With all fetishes, please send an ask or pm explaining it and I will politely accept or decline.)

I will draw OC’s. Please provide references and/or detailed character descriptions. (

Please don’t be afraid to ask me any questions. If you can’t get ahold of me here, please try my DeviantArt. If I don’t respond between 2-5 days, please don’t hesitate to send another message. 

Thank you for your support! If you are unable to help monetarily, please reblog- it helps too~

More JayRoy kitten!au c:

More JayRoy kitten!au c:

This took my waaaay longer than I had hoped lol
anyway&#8230;. JayRoy bein dorks

This took my waaaay longer than I had hoped lol

anyway…. JayRoy bein dorks

Okay, so we finally got the official “Someone is taking up the rest of your lease” today. So my husband and I have to move out by May 26th. 

I’m happy, but it’s going to be rough because we have to pay another month’s rent which sucks…. but just to think it’ll all be over soon feels so good.

Can I just have the outlaws being domestic and adorable?

Please and thank you



FOUND IT -phew-